Anderson County Chamber of Commerce

Member to Member Discount Program

We encourage our Chamber Members to do business with fellow Chamber Members. Member-to-Member discounts are an extra incentive for them to choose your business over others in the same service or product area. We invite you to join our Member-to-Member Discount Program by emailing filling out the form below!


  • The member must be in good standing with the Anderson County Chamber.
  • The participant must offer an exclusive discount/program to the chamber members, over and above what non-members would receive.
  • The participant can review and revise their offer for the Member-To-Member Discount Program/Promotion every six months.  The participant agrees to abide by their discount/program and fully understands that it is their responsibility to notify the Chamber of any and all changes immediately.
  • The participant agrees to educate employees about the member-To-Member Discount Program and agrees to display the Member-To-Member Discount Flyer at their business, indicating their participation in the program.
  • The participant agrees to contact the Chamber in writing if they wish to terminate their participation in the Member-To-Member Discount Program.


  • Educate your Employees.  Utilize the Program description sheet to inform your employees about the ACCOC Member-To-Member Discount Program.  Place this information in a break room or common area that employees share.
  • Track your results.  If possible, record the number of discounts issued per month to measure the business traffic of Chamber Members.  Chamber staff will also utilize this information each month to monitor the participating business in discount program.  Please be patient, as this is a new to us program.
  • Market your business.  By posting the flyer at your business and at point of sale, Anderson County Chamber Members will know that you are a participating business in the discount program.

Connect to the collective power of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce through the Member-To-Member Discount Program. If you would like to participate, submit the attached application to

If you are stumped for a creative offer, give us a call! We are full of ideas!!