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The Anderson County Chamber of Commerce has instituted an Ambassador Program. The goal of the program will be to function as a conduit for information and will foster learning and bringing the resources of the entire general membership to bear on your behalf. This process will begin in the form of a face to face meeting in which we will be able to discuss the goals, aspirations, and struggles of your business or organization. From that discussion we will work to help connect you with the information and members who may be able to help in your venture. As a collective group the Chamber has many incredibly bright and talented folks in almost any area of business you can think of and our goal will be to match these resources and expertise with those needs and concerns we identify together.

Current Ambassador Program Members
Business Contact Office
Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Robin Pack 502.839.5564
Anderson County Chamber of Commerce Jeri Lynn Carmickle 502.839-5564
Empire Sports: Paintball Alan Ramos
Kentucky Farm Bureau Ashley Nesbitt
Kentucky Utilities Brandon Clardy
Safety Reloaded Nicholas Eckert 859-397-5068